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Reflection on My Second Week of Class

This week was very hard for me, and I really need help with this topic. This is something that many people understand and I feel really bad because I myself do not. It’s not really my fault, but I was not the brightest kid in the family- math wise. I was decent in other subjects, but I was really an art and music person. If I had any advice to give, and for this assignment especially, I would say that we need to remember that there are indeed easier things in life- but in this case, we need to do this math.

This math, unlike many other types of math I can name, this kind is basic math and we need to be able to master this. I have been struggling with this, so whoever needs to hear this, do not be discouraged. I need to be able to do basic math in order to do certain things like when I am out shopping, I need to be able to tell how we can find out percentages and how we can go about changing our minds if something comes up-in the mathematical sense. Where one prevails in one way, someone else might not be so prevalent in the same thing- so we must help each other.

I totally understand that percentages are a vital part of any business. This tells me that we need to be able to do percentages and we need to be able to go about noticing the difference in price changes and the fluctuations in the prices and values of products. This really helps companies to go about growing their businesses and making money in the outcome. This is vital because if you don’t understand percentages, then you will not have the best time with your business or brand. The brand will literally be stuck and there will be no growth if you do not know or have someone that could do this. This is hard because it is something that both many people and few people at the same time, struggle with and need help with.

My preferred way of noting percentages and the change in them is by graphs. I am more of a visual person, both in the mathematical realm and in the other way being artistic. When I see charts and graphs, I am more able to see this in an easier sense and it helps me to see things better. When this helps, it makes everything better and people see things better and react better.

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