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Reflection and activity.

Business Mathematics

This week we’re going to write about a made-up scenario but hopefully, one that gets you thinking about how you could turn a dream into a reality. We’re going to do another blog entry where I give you the title and you take it from there. Your title this week is “How I was able to afford my dream home.” Remember, give details, be sure to discuss mortgages and any other relevant topics we’ve covered so far, make it personal and interesting, and have fun!

How I was able to afford my dream home.


Reflection on My Second Week of Class

This week was very hard for me, and I really need help with this topic. This is something that many people understand and I feel really bad because I myself do not. It’s not really my fault, but I was not the brightest kid in the family- math wise. I was decent in other subjects, but I was really an art and music person. …

Review on this week’s work.

I’d say that this week with the work given out by the professor, the work was rather repetitive. I totally understand the work being done over and over, to help us get better, but what if we have been doing it wrong? This only makes things worse for us because we don’t know how to go about doing the work the right way. I, personally, would have liked to see the lesson in the reading not explained, but the actual work is done in a way that- of course, not giving us answers, but giving…


Gilbert Eric Khan, born in New York and raised in South Jamaica Queens, New York, is an avid artist, fashion designer, appreciator of history, musician, lyricist, DJ, and leader at heart. A child of the new millennia, he has tackled our fashion and social media- based world, introducing business and marketing techniques, with an approach that appeals to everyone. At the age of six, he was experimenting with his father’s 2006 edition of Adobe’s Photoshop™️. He’s been experimenting ever since, with digital graphics, hand drawings, fashion pieces, and a plethora of art mediums. His business consists of hand painted…

Eric Khan

Published Artist, Designer, Musician and Producer.

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